With a 5Gi5 you have all you need to run most Kinect based software

This is the best price model, who will manage already most requests, as stand alone or server


This integration offers several advantages. All cables and adapters remain connected between the Kinect and NUC and are compactly secured in the robust aluminium housing. The power connector has been replaced by the Neutrick powerCON, which is the globally used standard. A reliable fuse switch ensures long-term safe use.




By integrating camera and computer into a single housing, installation time can be reduced to a strict minimum. The housing is designed to be applicable on the floor, desk, wall, on a bar or truss. In the bracket, 3 holes are provided, which make it possible to secure 1 or 2 clamps.

In the Ki-Nuc case, there is still room for other integration features such as DMX or Midi DisplayPort hub etc.   Stage-Eyes will now offer hard and soft turnkey solutions, ready for use upon delivery.



Various applications are available for Windows 8, 8.1 and 10 as well as for Linux Ubuntu ROS, …

Ki-Nuc can be used as stand-alone or can be combined as server(s) in a network


Great news for today Kinect users, the aluminium housing can also be purchased separately in a one time operation soon on IndieGogo Do-It-Yourself package.  Stay informed …. subscribe our mailinglist 🙂