Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can we order Stage-Eyes Interactive Tracking Software?

No, not yet. We are preparing a crowdfunding in order to offer you a more mature package.  Instead you can subscribe to our mailing list. We will soon announce the start of the crowdfunding and  you can benefit from exceptional conditions.
2. Can we order Stage-Eyes Hardware?
No, not yet.  At the start of the crowdfunding, you will be able to buy different hardware configurations. Please subscribe to our mailing list. We will inform you by mail. 
3. What is the working Range?
The interactive area  from camera = 0.5 to 4.5 meter Field Of View ( FOV )  < 70° horizontal < 60° vertical. Multiple systems can be used for larger area covering.
4. How many persons can be tracked?
Up to 6
5. Can we use this with our DMX light consoles?
Yes, in post lightdesk configuration, if DMX trough ArtNet is provided. If you have a major light-desk with DMX inputs (trough ArtNet),  you can control several functions from the console.
6. Can we use several systems in parallel?
Yes, you can configure your set-up with as many devices you like, with almost no restrictions.